If you are affected by cash flow, American Freight Factors can definitely help you with your problems. There is no need to worry every month if payments are made when they are due. The funds are available weekly once I submit my invoices and our company has been able to grow due to the availability of these funds. Using American Freight Factors has definitely relieved the stress of running my business.

Without American Freight Factors we may have possibility been out of business. Our drivers are paid every week, our vendors are paid within 30 days. Using American Freight Factors ensures that the money is in the bank. I am pleased with American Freight Factors and its staff. I would recommend American Freight Factors to other companies at every opportunity.

The positive cash flow has helped ensure that we can meet our weekly payroll requirements. American Freight Factors has always been a fast and easy way to factor our invoices. American Freight Factors ensures that cash flow is immediate not 30 days out. This has allowed us to grow with our company’s needs without any financial restrictions caused by a slow cash flow.

As one of the most critical business requirements for all sizes of business, managing cash flow can be a daily challenge. Working with American Freight Factors has reduced this challenge to a minimal effort for our business. Simply stated, running some of our more important and larger customers’ invoices through American Freight Factors, we have been able to pay our suppliers invoices when on or before they are due. The administration of the program is simple and easy to understand. Our representative at American Freight Factors is highly capable of handling our account and is extremely personable. With all this said, the experience of working with American Freight Factors has been a very pleasant experience. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend American Freight Factors to any company who would like to improve their cash flow situation.