Just For Brokers

Our Commitment to Brokers

American Freight Factors is committed to the financial success of our broker partners. American Freight Factors programs are simple, straight foward and EASY TO SELL. Broker participation is paid for the life of the account. American Freight Factors is dedicated to make your deal happen. When you bring a prospect to American Freight Factors you can be confident. Your prospect will be handled quickly and professionally.

Service and Simplicity

Your ability to sell a deal AND generate an income stream ultimately depends on the programs and professionalism of your Factor. Why do most Factors have pre-payment penalties? Because when the prospect you worked so hard to develop realizes what her cost for factoring actually is she’ll want to bolt! When she learns she can’t move Factors without incurring a huge penalty she’s going to be looking at you why you failed to look out for her best interest. At that point you lost a hard earned income stream along with the good will of your former client.

We at American Freight Factors proudly stand by our commitment to service. To You our broker partners and towards our factoring clientele. American Freight Factors’s rates and program are prominently displayed for anyone on our website to view. There are never any pre-payment penalties or hidden cost.

American Freight Factors’s focus on service extends beyond the normal bounds of “the box”. If you come across a deal that falls outside of the box, American Freight Factors will commit our resources to making your deal happen. American Freight Factors tries to find ways of making deals not excuses why not to do a deal. American Freight Factors will give you a fast answer on any prospect you bring to us.